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Shaun Duff 46 AZ Shaun is an active advocate in the cannabis community. He is a husband, a father and a vet. This is Shaun's journey with CBD.... Why do you use CBD? "Pain relief and insomnia. To not have to take medications" “Also, it makes me feel almost like-better most of the time to know what it is you’re using vs. a pain reliever your doctor gives you." Does anyone else in your family use CBD? Wife when her knees are bad Eldest daughter uses bath bombs "My mother-in-law was a pediatric nurse with severe arthritis. She rubs on Cannabombz roll-ons her wrists and her fingers straighten out completely. She takes shots of Hummara once a month that are super expensive." How did you discover

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Homemade, relaxing, pain relieving, medicated Bath Bombs. Made with CBD, essential oils and homegrown herbs. 

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