My CBD Journey | Sara Young

Sara Young 36 Az Sara is new to CBD and is trying new products all the time. She is a wife, mother of a special needs child, and a gentle soul. This is Sara's journey with CBD... Why do you use CBD? “I use CBD for pain control. I have a lot of back problems that cause me to not sleep and to hurt almost everyday. So I use it to help my back, and I also use it to relax after a long day because it helps me sleep.” Does anyone else in your family use CBD? “My uncle does, and I just gave some Cannabombz to my mom but she hasn’t used them yet.” Was CBD hard for you to acquire. “Cannabombz were not. Other forms are hard to acquire, yes.” How has CBD made a difference in your everyday life? “The nig

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Homemade, relaxing, pain relieving, medicated Bath Bombs. Made with CBD, essential oils and homegrown herbs. 

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