My CBD Journey | Cliff Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson 6 (Cliff Johnson) 32 Az Cliff is a loving father, successful business owner and active cannabis advocate. He recently started using CBD for his 6 year old daughter. Although their CBD journey together has just begun, the results have been life changing for everyone in their family. This is Cliff's CBD journey... Why does Elizabeth use CBD? Autism, epilepsy, for seizures and bedtime. Autism and epilepsy go hand in hand --- sometimes one will develop before the other. Usually autism first from the research I’ve done. But, we’re using it to subside seizures, because they have gotten worse more recently and it seems to be helping. There’s not enough rock solid information on it

My CBD Journey | Houmatala and Shelby Taloa

Houmatala and Shelby Taloa 36 Az Houmatala and Shelby are loving parents who are extremely proud of their CBD use in their home. Houmatala has had two liver transplants and uses CBD to prevent dialysis from his anti-rejection medications. Shelby plans on becoming a nurse with a cannabis specialty and uses CBD for a variety of symptoms, most effectively- weight loss. Why do you use CBD? S: I use CBD for chronic pain, for PTSD, for my depression and anxiety and I’ve had really great effects with cannabis in general with my weight loss. Weight loss is 115lbs total within the last three years of cannabis use. H: I’ve had two liver transplants and my kidneys are already taking a hit from anti-re

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