My CBD Journey | Tommy Massegee

Tommy Massegee 14 (again) Or Tommy is a huge influence in the cannabis community, specifically in the Pacific Northwest. His extremely generous donations of RSO to cancer patients truly makes him a modern day cannabis saint. Tommy started his cannabis journey when he was 14 and says he's been 14 ever since. His genuine compassion, kindness and love for his patients was an honor to experience. This is Tommy's CBD journey... Why does you use CBD? “I use CBD to supplement and accent my cannabis. I dab pure CBD. You know, a lot of people would get a tincture as a quarter of a gram of raw solvent less CBD, I take that jar full of raw CBD and it’s beautiful. It’s even got terps of its own --- it’s

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Homemade, relaxing, pain relieving, medicated Bath Bombs. Made with CBD, essential oils and homegrown herbs. 

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